Exercise-2.2 Page: 18 ( Is Matter Around Us Pure )

1. Differentiate between homogenous and heterogeneous mixtures with examples.


The following are the differences between heterogeneous and homogenous mixtures.

2. How are sol, solution and suspension different from each other?


3. To make a saturated solution, 36g of sodium chloride is dissolved in 100 g of water at 293 K. Find its concentration at this temperature.


Mass of solute (NaCl) = 36 g

Mass of solvent (H2O) = 100 g

Mass of solution (NaCl + H2O) = 136 g

Concentration = Mass of solute/Mass of solution x 100

Concentration = 36/136 x 100 = 26.47%

Hence, the concentration of the solution is 26.47%

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