Lecture 6: HVAC Course (Ton of Refrigeration?)

Ton of Refrigeration

What is Ton of Refrigeration(T.O.R)?

The amount of heat absorbed or extracted by 1 Ton of ice to melt completely in 24 hr is called one ton of refrigeration.

Latent Heat of one kg of ice of one Kg = 336 kJ/kg

So Latent Heat of Ice of 1 ton = 336KJ/Kg  x 1000 Kg  =  336000 kJ

As we now  understand , The Amount of heat absorbed or extracted by one ton of ice in 24 hours is called Ton of Refrigeration or Cooling Effect.So One Ton of Refrigeration = 336000 divided by 24 hours =   14000 KJ/Hr

Selection of Air – Conditioner

HVAC Course
Selection of Air Conditioner

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