Lecture 2: HVAC Course (Introduction)

Lecture 2 : HVAC Course Design and Drafting

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Objectives  of  HVAC Engineer:-

HVAC mechanical engineers  are responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance  of heating and cooling  system within a home or commercial building , often including appliances.

Scope of HVAC

HVAC Course in Hindi
HVAC Course

Career Path of HVAC Engineer

HVAC Course in Hindi
HVAC Career Path ( HVAC Course )

Heating – Rising of temperature is called Heating

Heat is the form of energy that is transferred between two substances at different temperature.

The direction of energy flow is from substance at high temp. to a substance at low temp.

Cooling:-  Reducing the temperature is called cooling

Humidity: – Humidity is defined as the amount of water vapors present in the air is called Humidity

Humidification :- The process of increasing the water  vapors in  the air is called humidification.

Dehumidification :-  The process of decreasing the water vapors in the air is called dehumidification.

According to ASHRAE, Comfortable humidity is between 30% to 70%

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