Here is first video of HVAC Design and Drafting Course. In this Video, We will able to understand what is HVAC ?. Why HVAC is important? What are the career option for HVAC engineer ? It is a introduction video.

HVAC Course

Note: For complete understanding of HVAC Course Watch all the video in series as given in pages…

Lecture 1: HVAC Course (Introduction) (Video 1)

Introduction of HVAC Course Design and Drafting

Link: Lecture 1:- HVAC Design & Drafting Course ( INTRODUCTION )

What is HVAC ?

HVAC is a technology to provide indoor and vehicular environment comfort.

Its goals is to provide thermal comfort as well as  acceptable air quality.

HVAC-R Stands for Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Why HVAC Important ?

HVAC Course in Hindi
HVAC Course

Field for HVAC Engineer

  1. Sales & Marketing
  2. Designing ( In Design, Engineer does Calculation work)
  3. Drafting (In drafting, Engineer represent pictorial view of the design)
  4. Estimation (What type of material is to be used and what is its cost)
  5. Execution ( Execute the Design & Drafting  at site)
  6. TVC (Testing validation of  Consumption)
  7. Maintenance.

For Complete Detail watch Video 1 (Lecture 1st)

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