Ultimate Spoken English + Personality Development Course

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Spoken English + Personality Development course for all who has the zeal to improve his skill and communication.


( Spoken English Course ) Improve your English speaking skills, learn new vocabulary and start speaking about common, conversational topics.

Speak English confidently in this unique English language course, which is ideal for students at a pre-intermediate to intermediate level of English (A2-B1). You will improve your English SpeakingEnglish ListeningEnglish VocabularyEnglish Grammar and English Pronunciation skills. ( Spoken English Course )

Includes: Assignments and a Free Companion Website with Online Activities

This Spoken English  Course Also Includes:

✔ Step-by-step teaching method

✔ Online activities

✔ Downloadable PDF Worksheets

✔ Assignments

✔ Video lessons

✔ Subtitles

✔ AND a Course Facebook Group where you can upload videos of your talks

UNIQUE STEP-BY-STEP METHOD ( Spoken English Course )
Each topic is based around a short talk using real-life English – you will hear and see how a native speaker talks about this topic. Then I take you step-by-step through the language you need to create your own talk. At the end of each section, you can create and upload your own short talk.

  1. Watch the introduction to the topic
  2. Listen to my talk
  3. Do a listening activity
  4. Learn the language in my talk
  5. Learn more vocabulary
  6. Do a vocabulary activity
  7. Create a short talk about the topic
  8. Take an assignment (optional)

Content of This Spoken English Course

Lesson No.Lesson Name
Lesson 1Course Introduction
Lesson 2Alphabets, Word, Sentence, Paragraph, & Phrase  Meaning
Lesson 3Let’s Start Learning
Lesson 4Greeting & Personal Introduction
Lesson 5Understanding  Sentences Part 1
Lesson 6Understanding Sentences Part 2
Lesson 7Listening Practice + Vocabulary
Lesson 8Speaking Practice
Lesson 9Introduction to Tenses
Lesson 10Why English is Important / How can we improve our English?
Lesson 11Video Project of Self Introduction
Lesson 12Present Indefinite
Lesson 13How can we improve our personality?
Lesson 14Good Manners
Lesson 15Past Indefinite
Lesson 16Best Tips For Speaking Fluent English
Lesson 17Revision Day
Lesson 18Describe Your Last Holiday: How was your holiday?
Lesson 19Future Indefinite
Lesson 20Present Perfect, Past Perfect and Future Perfect
Lesson 21Tips to improve your communication skills
Lesson 22My Daily Routine
Lesson 23Talk About your job
Lesson 24Listening Practice + Vocabulary
Lesson 25Defining your Routine as per your profession
Lesson 26Talk about Like and Dislike
Lesson 27Revision and Practice
Lesson 28Talk about  Your Hobbies and Interest
Lesson 29Present Continuous
Lesson 30Past Continuous
Lesson 31Future Continuous
Lesson 32How to talk about anything to anyone?
Lesson 33Talk about your ambition
Lesson 34Talk about your life story
Lesson 35Talking about clothes
Lesson 36Listening Practice + Vocabulary
Lesson 37Describe about appearance of people
Lesson 38The Power of Positivity
Lesson 39Adjective and Adverbs
Lesson 40Revision
Lesson 41Compliments
Lesson 42How do you feel?
Lesson 43Active Passive
Lesson 44Listening Practice + Vocabulary
Lesson 45How to introduce any one the stage or program
Lesson 46Forms of BE 1
Lesson 47Forms of BE 2
Lesson 48Describing Someone
Lesson 49A trip to the restaurant
Lesson 50Form of BE 3
Lesson 51Listening Practice + Vocabulary
Lesson 52Festivals and Holiday
Lesson 53Present Perfect Tense
Lesson 54Past Perfect Tense
Lesson 55Future Perfect Tense
Lesson 56Tell a First Time Story
Lesson 57Listening Practice + Vocabulary
Lesson 58Invitation
Lesson 59Permissions
Lesson 60Revision
Lesson 61Present Perfect Continuous Tense
Lesson 62Past Perfect Continuous Tense
Lesson 63Future Perfect Continuous Tense
Lesson 64Describe your Neighborhood
Lesson 65Commands
Lesson 66Common phrase 1
Lesson 67Common phrase 2
Lesson  68Video Project 1
Lesson 69Let’s get smarter
Lesson 70Listening Practice + Vocabulary
Lesson 71Video Project 2
Lesson 72Special Vlog
Lesson 73How to find what do you want do in your life?
Lesson 74Smart Phrase (Muhavare)
Lesson 75Workplace Communication
Lesson 76How can you keep yourself motivated?
Lesson 77Right Habit
Lesson 78Ownership
Lesson 79Video Project
Lesson 80Revision
Lesson 81How to frame any sentence
Lesson 82Conversation Skills
Lesson 83Video Project
Lesson 84Some Tips for Interview
Lesson 85Importance of Body Language
Lesson 86Video Project
Lesson 87Public Speaking
Lesson 88Speech
Lesson 89Revision
Lesson 90Test (Video Project)

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What Will I Learn?

  • This Course Also Includes:
  • ✔ Step-by-step teaching method
  • ✔ Online activities
  • ✔ Downloadable PDF Worksheets
  • ✔ Assignments
  • ✔ Video lessons
  • ✔ Subtitles
  • ✔ AND a Course Facebook Group where you can upload videos of your talks

Topics for this course

15 Lessons

Lesson 1 & 2 : Course Introduction and Fundamental of English.?

What are you going to learn?
Introduction About Course00:03:22
Fundamentals of English00:05:26
Fundamental of English

Lesson 3 : Let’s Start Learning!

Lesson 4: Greetings and Personal Introduction

Lesson 5 & 6 : Understanding of Sentences

Lesson 7 : Reading and Listening Practice

Lesson 8: Speaking Practice

Lesson 9: Introduction to Tenses ?

Lesson 10: Tips to Improve Spoken English

Lesson 11: How to introduce yourself? (Video Project)

Lesson 12 : Present Indefinite Tense

Lesson 13: How can we improve our personality??

How can we improve our personality?

About the instructor

Mohd Sharif

Engineer By Profession & Teacher By Choice

Er. Mohd Sharif Founder of free-education.in , Wisdom Academy & Aim Foundation Having 12+ Teaching Experience & 5+ Industrial Experience Motive to provide quality education at very minimal cost. Our Taglines are : Serving the Nation By Empowering the Education For AIM Foundation ( Ambition In Mind For Education and Social Development)
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Material Includes

  • This course includes:
  • 7 hours on-demand video
  • 49 articles
  • 255 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Assignments
  • Certificate of completion

Target Audience

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