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Window Air Conditioner

—This is the simplest form of an air conditioning system. It has a hermetically sealed motor compressor assembly, an air cooled condenser coil, an evaporator coil, condenser fan and evaporator fan.

—Total refrigeration cycle is closed in a single unit cabinet

—It has a capillary tube in place of an expansion valve for metering  refrigerant flow to the evaporator.

—Window A/C generally available in 0.5  TR, 1  TR, 1.5  TR, 2 TR, 2.5 TR.

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Window Air Conditioner

Application of Window AC:-

Generally used for small office rooms, shops and residential rooms where load will generally be within 2.5 tons. Sometimes, these units are used in multiple for large areas.

Advantage of Window AC:-

Main advantage  is that the unit can be switched ON and OFF as required. Where multiple units are used, there is no fear of a total breakdown of air conditioning since it is most unlikely that all the units will breakdown simultaneously.

Disadvantage of Window AC:-

Hermetically sealed compressor is susceptible to burnout when the supply voltage fluctuates widely and whenever such burnouts occur, the whole system has to be thoroughly cleaned before a new compressor can befitted. The life of the unit is generally between 10 to 15 years only

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