Exercise-10.3 Page: 138 ( Gravitation )

1. What are the differences between the mass of an object and its weight?


The differences between the mass of an object and its weight are tabulated below.

Mass is the quantity of matter contained in the body.Weight is the force of gravity acting on the body.
It is the measure of inertia of the body.It is the measure of gravity.
It only has magnitude.It has magnitude as well as direction.
Mass is a constant quantity.Weight is not a constant quantity. It is different at different places.
Its SI unit is kilogram (kg).Its SI unit is the same as the SI unit of force, i.e., Newton (N).

2. Why is the weight of an object on the moon 1/6th its weight on the earth?


The moon’s mass is 1/100 times and 1/4 times the earth’s radius. As a result, when compared to earth, the gravitational attraction on the moon is about one sixth. Thus, an object’s weight on the moon is 1/6th its earth weight.

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